Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sissy Girdles Sissy Husband?? Or Manly ?

Sissy Husband?? Or Manly ? - sissy girdles

"All the women out there a man to wear the underwear? Tights? Snow? Bands? Corset? Like bands? Babydolls? Does your husband use this material in the morning? Have you noticed, understood the subject of your pants in disarray, how to feel they do about men who have this?

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  1. Lisa, I love the feeling of velvet and silk. I am my own stuff, but not from another material. Part of the fun is shopping for new underwear, socks, clothes .....
    I wish I could find a girl who wants to enjoy myself, too. My ex-GF used to think that I am a manly man, and I am. But when I asked how she felt pants and a very different aspect of his left ...
    At least try to enjoy it, after all, we love?